DRUM Lessons for KIDS in South Miami to Homestead

At McGoverndrums, Dan specializes in teaching kids a solid foundation in rhythm. His experience over the past 2 decades have enabled Dan to help kids in any level to achieve success!

Many of Dan's students have gone on to make original recordings, join bands, and even gain college scholarships. Many other students have applied their rhythmic knowledge to other instruments such as piano and guitar.

Here are some testimonials from Dan's students and parents from Google reviews:

"Dan has been teaching my three boys for the last three years and he has done an outstanding job! He is patient, extremely well organized, knowledgeable, reliable and always punctual. I am a music teacher as well and I am always well impressed by his methodology. He teaches them drills and techniques, reading skills, and always saves some time at the end of the lesson for them to play songs and apply the rhythm patterns they've been learning. My boys have enjoyed his classes very much and I HIGHLY recommend him. "

- Mariana C. 

"I've been Dan's student for 5 years now, and he is a great teacher. He has very flexible scheduling and is very patient when teaching. When I first started, I had no knowledge on how to play drums, and Dan has taught me so much that I was able to participate in a band concert consisting of a singer, pianist, guitarist, and myself being the drummer. I've recently started piano lessons with him as well. Overall it has been a great experience learning from Dan."

- Juan G.

"Dan has been teaching my son to play drums for about 6 years. He is very patient and customizes his lessons to whichever type of music my son is into at the time. Dan is friendly and flexible with the schedule. I would definitely recommend him!"

- Ana P.

"Dan has been teaching our son for more then a year now. He is patient, kind and teaches him to read the notes he's playing (I didn't know you could do that with drums!). I highly recommend him as a drum teacher."

- Memo S. 

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Kids love drumming! Amanda age 13

Kids love drumming! Amanda age 13