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Buddy Rich was born Bernard Rich in Brooklyn, New York, on September 30, 1917 (some sources say June 30 of the same year). Rich showed enough early talent as a drummer and performer that he followed his parents onto the vaudeville stage when he was only 18 months old. He soon became known as "Baby Traps, the Drum Wonder." Rich performed throughout his childhood, appearing on Broadway when he was 4 and touring Australia at age 6. At one point, he was the second highest-paid child star in the world (after Jackie Coogan), earning about $1,000 a week. 

Drumming Makes You Smarter!

 Drumming is a great workout for your brain and actually can make you smarter because when you drum you access your entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres. So, when the logical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere of your brain begin to pulsate together, your inner guidance system – or intuition – becomes stronger.

Drumming Relieves Stress!

 Studies have shown that drumming lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones. The active component of drumming helps reduce stress in a number of ways. It’s fun, it’s physical, and it’s a great diversion from other stress-filled activities. If you need to vent, what better way than to hit something? 

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